We absolutely love to photograph weddings! 

We get pretty excited about sharing one of the most important days in your life with you, it truly is an honor. Every Bride and Groom along with the wedding day is different. With over two hundred weddings under our belts we can honestly say there is definitely nothing cookie-cutter about any wedding day. If you are looking for a skilled, fun and outgoing person to capture your memories, well... you've definitely come to the right place! We take great pride in what we do and invest heavily in our education and equipment so we can document your day perfectly from start to finish.

We are Utah's premiere award winning studio for good reason!

When you open your wedding day album you want to remember every detail perfectly... 

A flood of memories... The way you laughed with your bridesmaids, your fathers smile as he walks you down the isle. The way you gazed at one another, that spark in your eyes when you said "I Do". That electric first kiss as life partners. Your first dance, the embrace so tight knowing you've found your soulmate... The Flowers... The Linens... The Cake...  Everything was perfect...  

We capture the fleeting memories of your wedding day... they are the lasting testimony that takes you back to the passion and emotion you felt that day. Whether its your First or Fiftieth Anniversary, from page one of your album they take your breath away.